Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Grown in Southwest PA

Harden Family Farm & Market At the Red Barn

Harden Family Farm & Market Offers Locally Grown Seasonal Vegetables

For the best seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables grown in southwest PA, visit Harden Family Farm & Market At the Red Barn. We are proud to offer a full lineup of fresh produce. From local fields, beautiful and nutritious, quality fruit and vegetables are grown so that everyone throughout southwestern PA can enjoy. Our family farm sells a large variety of seasonal produce. Our vegetables and herbs are grown right here in Deemston Borough, Fredericktown, PA. All of our fresh fruits are sourced from the Chambersburg, PA area, and are available while in season.

To place an order, call (724) 267-4735, or stop by 77 Wickerham Road in Fredericktown, PA. You can also visit one of our farmers’ markets in Waynesburg and Monongahela on our market days. Check out our calendar for dates and times. Also, we offer gift baskets and delicious Pennsylvania Preferred items made with our fresh produce. Check out our gift baskets and our produce for sale in our photo gallery. 

Stop By For Seasonal Fresh Fruit in Washington County, PA

Harden Family Farm & Market At the Red Barn in Washington County, PA works hard year-round. Our tunnel greenhouses extend our growing season by two months. We offer fresh fruits and vegetables seasonally. Please refer to our calendar for details:

  • Vegetables: Zucchini | Cucumbers | Tomatoes | Green Beans | Beets | Potatoes | Cabbage | Sweet Corn | Peppers | Onions | Sweet Potatoes | Pumpkins | Butternut Squash | Acorn Squash | Kale | Collard Greens
  • Fruits: Strawberries | Blueberries | Sweet Cherries | Sour Cherries | Peaches | Donut Peaches | Apricots | Cantaloupe | Watermelon | Honeydew Melons | Plums | Apples | Nectarines | Grapes
  • Fresh Herbs: Parsley | Basil (Green or Red) | Oregano | Thyme | Spearmint | Lavender | Rosemary | Peppermint | Dill | Cilantro

Seed to Table
Greenhouse Planting

All of our vegetable and herb plants are sown from seed in our greenhouse by fall. This allows them to be ready to be planted in the high tunnel. Our vegetable and herb plants are then available for sale at the proper time. This is how we get early tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, and green onions to sell early in the farm market. We are proud of the expertise and skill that goes into our agriculture.

Visit Harden Family Farm & Market At the Red Barn for the best fresh fruits and vegetables grown in southwest PA.